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December 8, 2012 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts, Reviews

Trooper- Specialized Steel Frame retro 90's

Renaissance of the Steel

I saw a dusty bike in the garage of my friend, thus, I told him to bring it back to life. Instead of just gathering dust and rust in their garage, I suggested we paint the frame and put in new tires so that it could become road worthy again. He agreed and it was restoration time!
The parts on this Specialized bike were carefully chosen and I am positive that this bike was worth a fortune back then.  XT Pedals, LX rear derailleur, Shimano cantilever brakes, Shimano levers, Araya Japan rims (with a very excellent color– gunmetal gray) make up this full rigid baby.


We agreed that white is a nice color for the full rigid frame. I customized a sticker for the bike and had a Stormtrooper decal printed by the neighborhood decal maker. I cut out a little art just so there is a touch of Valleybikes on the chainstay. I cut out a crude “Trooper” decal and super glued it to the bike.

When it was finished, I took it for a spin and I adjusted my riding style because this full rigid bike was quite nimble. The feel of the whole bike is like being blasted 20 years ago when a bike was just as simple as this: no crazy suspension, simple cables, no hydraulic brakes… all raw, all steel.
The slick tires were both aesthetically pleasant to the eye plus functional. It was fast, light and quiet.
When I tested the Trooper,  I enjoyed riding it so much. I was feeling the moment; the quickness of the bike, the bend of the steel, I was so amused with its rawness that I was quite surprised because I was already very far from where I started. There were no flashy decals nor loud colors to attract attention to this bike, but when you get to see the details and specs of this bike, it is the perfect Metro spinner for many years to come.


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