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June 26, 2011 Comments (0) Blog Posts, Reviews

Transition One Shadow Adventure Shorts

Everybody knows how important a pair of black pants is in your wardrobe. Thus, one should own a Transition One Shadow Adventure shorts.
This is the pair of simple, no-fuss, black shorts that you should have in your “adventure” wardrobe. Hardcore, yet elegant, Transition One does it right with this pair of “must-have-shorts”.
Mountain bikers have them colorful, loud, armed-to-the-teeth, padded shorts; paired with yet bright colored jerseys, sometimes, we’re just screaming for attention in the jungle.  The Shadow Adventure shorts bring class and finesse to the wearer, making matching and styling a no-brainer.
Style, check.
How about performance? XC racers and weight wienies cut down on valuable weight on everything, even hair sometimes. This is the answer for all cross country lovers. You don’t need to shave your leg’s hair for the Shadow Adventure Shorts is the lightest and most durable in the market. Poke the material and it won’t tear. Durable and dependable, you can lounge around in these shorts before and after an adventure.
The pockets for the shorts are just right, with velcro to keep your stuff from falling off. There is also a pocket with zipper on the left leg to hold the “really important” stuff.
Function, check.
In conclusion, the Transition One Shadow Adventure Shorts is one awesome piece of clothing. Own one, plus food and shelter, and you’re all set to survive.

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