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Alabangers— Trail Riding South of the City

July 3, 2014 Comments (0) Adventure, Bicycles, Blog Posts

Transformation of the Beast

A few articles back, we showcased a fat bike with low self esteem. Today, Valleybikes praises the Transformation of the Beast.
The owner’s magic touch of pimpin’ things radically excreted on this creation. Raw finish coated with clear powder coat does the job for the fork and frame. He wrapped his flat black rims with Surly Nate 4.0s so the ride instantly became a bully-looking overgrown fatso. High rise bars paired with a Thomson short stem solves the cockpit with the Nukeproof saddle. Wireless is the look because it runs on Coaster hubs. (that means you can free wheel, and when you pedal back, the bike will brake)
If you are planning to get a bike like this, be prepared for all fame, glory and attention. You have to be friendly and jolly in order to give a smile and nod to all the people awed at the sight of this T-rex. It’s like riding Grimlock and everyone wants to pet it and ask you, “Is it hard?”
You know what I mean.
I guess only a special breed of Primes can really tame a bike like this beast.


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