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December 12, 2013 Comments (0) Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Trail Riding with the Masters

“To ride with the best, you always need to rest.”
Champion trail riders got together last weekend to track read the Timberland trails for the upcoming Yolanda survivors fund raising race. We pedaled up the Wall and asked around where the race course would be. We decided to hit the Blue Trail in hopes of riding a clear single track. Before entering the trail, a lone rider asked us if the trail was muddy. We didn’t know yet so we invited her to experience the trail with us.
Blue zone is blue zone. We actually forgot how fun and fast the trail was. It was such a blast. It was John’s first time inside the Blue Zone and he thought it was gnarly. We ended up by the stream which forks out the trail to hard vs. harder. We rested and shared a few jokes and chatted with Whreachelle. These bikers’ skills were fully upgraded that their mountain bikes need to level with their strength. Light bikes, with premium bombproof accessories were the only things worthy for these podium finishers.
dec9 maarat (6) Whreachelle cruising on her 17pound Scott bike.
The organizers posted the track on line:
ride for Yolanda
(map courtesy of Sir Thumbie Remigio)
We saw Sir Thumbie running along the trail mapping out in the GPS the track for the race.
I am hoping to see the best riders come out this Sunday only because Sir Terry Larrazabal stamped his name on the event.
race for yolanda2
When we stopped by the stream in the Blue Zone, I told John the wonderful benefits of the Makahiya Plant. We demonstrated to our Aussie friend how the leaves fold up whenever something touches it, thus the name, Makahiya or shy in Filipino. It is such a wonderful plant and it has medicinal benefits if channeled the right way. If ever we meet one day, ask me how.
dec9 maarat (4)
We got home, took a bath and hanged out in the local bike shop. Ahhh, the life of a bike rat. It is so fun to talk bike and get geeky about it with other enthusiasts. Its like being grade school again talking about your favorite toy.
I shall share with you my friend’s Santa Cruz Jackal with Syndicate decals. Nice bike, Lee! Good job, Joy!DSC00786
Santa Cluz. Ho ho ho ho.

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