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The Mount Makiling Adventure

March 3, 2015 Comments (0) Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Trail Riding inside the Metro

When you are so busy and stressed with work, try to escape and get a bike fix. Bring your bike to the office and then excuse yourself for a meeting somewhere near Bonifacio Global City. Change your shirt and go riding at the Heroes Trail near Libingan ng mga Bayani. Stress Eliminator!!!
Heroes Trail in Fort Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines has been constantly changing through the months/ years it existed. When it opened years ago, there were only two stages but now it is divided into three stages. Stage one is the most challenging and fun part for the trail riders, and this time, they really souped up the trail at Heroes. There are tunnels, switchbacks and sudden ascents which would make you ready for the real trail up in the mountain. Mountain bike beginner? No problem! Heroes is your intermediate test for the mountain. If you can ride Heroes with no stops or dismounts, then you are ready for the trails ahead!
Last Saturday, I rode solo because I had no time to invite friends on my short window free time for the weekend. I loaded my bike, got some clothes, helmet and gear, and then I was off. I enjoyed the vibe in Heroes because people there were not too pretentious and arrogant. Everybody had space and they gave you space if you want to distance yourself from them.
solo20150228_ (11)
Don’t want small talk? That’s fine. Just ride along.
You want chit chat? The military officers would be more than willing to tell you stories of the trail, the rider’s best times and how they toiled to make the trail what is is today.
Want to rest under a tree shade? By all means, chill and relax!
Dry Season
I personally do not like the soil in Heroes when it is the dry season. The ground is cracked up and thirsty for rain. The soil is powdery. It will leave your bike very dusty. It can get pretty hot in the track, due to the lack of shady trees on the third stage.
solo20150228_ (16)
Drop it like it’s hot.
There are a few jumps and drops in the Heroes trail for those who love to experiment and go extreme. Always remember to wear proper protective gear. Click on your helmet, wear elbow pads and knee guards so that you won’t be afraid to jump. Watch some youtube videos on HOW TO JUMP YOUR BIKE, and just do it! It’s more on having balls to do it, really. If you can suck up to it, all you need is practice and timing in the jumps.
In a nutshell, Heroes Trail is a fun short ride which you should not do often. The magic would be lost if you do it often.
But, if it is your home court playground, then you should be a master of it and try to beat your best time ALWAYS. If you do not beat your best time, try to figure out which parts of the track slows you down. The uphill zigzag mash? Then maybe you should stand and pump harder. Too slow going downhill? Try standing up and lessen the brake lever pulls. There are numerous areas on the trail which you can improve on. Just keep doing it and beat your own time. Don’t beat the time of the others. It is you versus yourself here. Enjoy.

Heroes trail is located at Bayani road near Heritage Park cemetery.

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