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July 1, 2013 Comments (0) Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Tracks in the City (Southside Represent!)

Southerners rejoice!
People from the South side of the Metro has got this wonderful track I shall call Filinvest Bike Track. It is a nice biker made track in the heart of the business center of the South. It is in the heart of Alabang, right across Ayala Alabang and Alabang Hills. It is the mountain biker’s quick fix for some rough road and slalom adventure. These different courses are really just vacant lots designed to scratch that cycle itch of the people who live close by. You got a new upgrade in your bike? Test it out in ‘ze lokal spot.
We rode down South to experience the Filinvest trails. It is like trying out a new dish prepared by some foreign chef. If you want variety in your bicycle riding, you should try out new tracks and go out more. You shall re-discover the joys of biking when it is a new track. Our host was gracious enough to guide us through the course. There were some preambles and preliminary descriptions, which I greatly appreciated so the whole new track experience was complete. I got to take pictures of the starting points of the different courses, and I guess that is about what you should see.
There are different sections of the track. Most of the time, the track is exposed to the sun, with tall grass growing at the side of the single track. But there are some sections of the trail wherein you would actually feel as though you were not in Alabang. There is even a section of the track wherein you ride along the bank of a small creek and the surrounding nature around is very placid. I like the shady parts of the trail (read: shade under the tree, NOT the Real Slim Shady) for it gives you that brief serenity why is it great to bike outdoors.
The Filinvest Bike Track is a level two ride. Great for working that stamina and putting riding hours on your saddle. It also trains you to look ahead and prepare on what to do on rough terrain. There’s no long steep ascents, yet there are short bursts of climb which you must master so that your shifting can improve a great deal.
One advice: Be careful with the big rocks scattered around. They might cause you to endo if your front wheel hits the rock. Also, watch out for the small tree stumps left when they cut out the small trees. Same effect, it might cause you to endo if your bike hits ’em the wrong way.
Thanks to our trail masters: The Southerners Mr. A and Mr. A.
the South track
In conclusion, I enjoyed the Filinvest Bike Track because it is a different flavor for me. It is fast, it is efficient and it gets the job done. Oh,and did I mention that there is no fee to ride here? Ahhh, truly the best things in life are free!
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