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Tour of the Firefly

When I started out biking, the tour of the firefly is one of the events that I really enjoyed participating in. The event usually falls around 4-20 (earth day) or the sunday nearest it… Lots of friendly bikers, and the event has a cause:
To bring back the fireflies in our city
Its also one biiiiig biking event which brings out all the crazy bikers from Metro Manila. The number of bikers usually reach up to thousands and registered or not, its one big parade of different kinds of bikers. Racers, BMX, mountainbikers, easyriders, and what-have-you-hybrid-bikes are seen pedaling in the event. This event closes down all the main roads around the metro and if you are a motorist and you see the flock of bikers passing by, your initial reaction is, “That’s a lot of bikers!!!”
The pace is slow and there are a lot of costumed participants, bikers, young and old always enjoy the tour of the firefly. What I really don’t understand is why the event organizers do not register for the Guiness book of world records to have the most number of bikers on one event. Maybe we can work it out.


  1. sama ka this year? sabay tayo sasama ko si hubby riding bogart and i’ll take piolo. ride from provident to tiende?

  2. YO! Let’s do it! I’ll be taking JD cruzer. Lets bike it, all the way from Provident… malamang may mga kasama pa tayong pumadyak from Provident.