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Tour of the Fireflies 2015 is on November 15

tour of the firefly 2015

The Big Ride– Tour of the Fireflies 2015 is on November 15!!!
One of the best mass rides in Metro Manila is the Tour of the Fireflies by the Firefly Brigade. A gathering of bikers, newbies, environmentalists, hippies, gym buffs, weekend warriors, and different kinds of cyclists from all walks of life converge and do one fun ride one Sunday morning.

It will be on November 15, 2015. Motorists, please avoid the route of the mass ride. These bikers will slow the traffic flow and cause some disturbance… but it’s all good. It’s for a cause. What’s the cause?
(please answer in a complete sentence)

It’s a long ride. But it is slow and easy paced. Riders get to see Metro Manila in a different light.
Another positive thing on this BIG ride is that we are guided by bike marshals. They stop motorists and block the way of some vehicles so the ride of the squad is smooth in the intersections.

Here are some interesting pictures from the Tour of the Fireflies in the past:

tour of the firefly

tour of the firefly 2013ratrod

vintage cruisers

Buendia firefly
pedestrian firefly

mass ride firefly
Who’s riding with me?