October 28, 2013 Comments Adventure, Bikes and Babes, Blog Posts, Reviews

Tough Love Bike Lock

Wanna be different? Tough yet outwardly beautiful and unique? Valleybikes presents TOUGHLOVE Bike lock.

It’s not the usual red plastic chain that they use to cordon off the crowd, it is a heavy, real life mutha’ which you can anchor your pitbull on.
Just like the SSS bike lock, you can use this as a weapon too! (But I won’t teach you how)

I’d rather have this than trust my prized possession with some cheap bike lock with a busted plastic case.


  1. kalvin says:

    kinortihan lang ng heart though love lock na agad? di ba pwedeng though lock nlng? hahahaha!

    interested if you teach me how to use it as a weapon. 🙂

    1. giussef says:

      heart plus it is RED. hehe.
      bike bike only on this website. no time for war, just love.