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February 2, 2013 Comments (2) Blog Posts, Reviews

Time to go High

For me, a watch should tell the wearer what time it is. For others, it is a fashion statement and status symbol telling others what’s up?!
I am not a big watch fan and I realized that all my existing wrist watches are gifts from family. I switch from my Tag to my Seiko, depends on my mood and what I’m wearing.  But now, a new player has arrived. Digital. It not only tells me the time, it tells me the temperature, atmospheric pressure and altitude! It can even tell me what time is it in London (or any other city in the world, for that matter!)! The G shock phenomena is sweeping the world due to its sturdy and bombproof bulkiness plus the Japanese are raving about it. It comes in lots of colors and different designs so the average person can have his own unique G shock, different from the next Joe.
I personally like the macho bulkiness of the Alti-thermo G Shock (GDF-100), but I don’t like the name. Casio could have thought of a better sounding bad-ass name for something that could tell the altitude and temperature.
Casio G shock
How about Loki? Bad ass enough?
The sensor at the left part of the watch adds up to the appeal of the watch and sets it apart from the other G shock cousins. Being a 20 bar water resist, it means it can go down 200 meters below. Great. It can go high and also go down low. What more do I need for the great outdoors? Stopwatch, check. Countdown timer, check.  Alarm, check. I guess I don’t need anything else from a wrist watch. Anything more, I could get from my gadget.
To round it all up, having a Casio G shock Atli-thermo watch is like having a freeride mountain bike. It can do anything you please. Just give it a good name.

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  1. anthony says:

    so… whats the exact model number? I can’t find this watch anywhere!

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