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Phil Bike Expo 2015— Second Round

September 29, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Think Beyond The Wheel

There are no rules.
No rules, only traditions.
Do what you must.
if it works, carry on. if it needs adjustment, adapt. be creative.
Think beyond the wheel.
Riding along the State University on a Sunday morning, I saw a pair of bikers and the other one had a serious rat bike.

From Munoz, here is the rat rod

From Munoz, here is the rat rod

In my years of cycling, I have never been over zealous in upgrading my bike. There have been a lot of mistakes, thus I opt not to repeat them again.
Sometimes, we want to get creative and unique with our ride. it is all up to you. It would be more economical to ask around first. You get the noobie branding for sometimes asking stupid questions, but it is all part of the process. You don’t get great overnight. You must stumble and look funny also, in order to earn that badge.
One lesson: research. Look around and absorb the energy around you and learn. Observe how the masters work and move. Watch how they fluidly groove and do their tasks.
Then create your own. Make your own formula/method. Imagine the end. Magnet it and you will reach it.
freeride UP DIliman

UP Diliman CHK trail

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