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The ZEN of Mountainbiking

Biking on the countryside, pedaling your way around the mountain, thru forests and crossing rivers, one gets to ponder and think about why biking is such a fun activity.

The lessons learned from biking can actually be applied in real life.

Be prepared. A well toned bike would not act up and fail once in the wilderness. There are no bike mechanics in the mountain so you should at least be knowledgeable of the basic things about your bike. Do your homework before the ride. Check the gear you are about to use and make sure they are well and running. Same thing with life, if you are prepared, you can tackle things with ease.


Pedal to the top. Don’t give up easily. Focus and look ahead. It doesn’t mater how slow you are, just reach the top and enjoy the view. If you don’t strive to be on top, you won’t have your downhill reward. With life, if you don’t work your way up, there would be no reward for you.


If you see a shade, stop and rest. It’s always nice to have a break under a tree. Wait for the other riders, and have an excuse to stop. You don’t have to be always working, as they say: work hard, party hard.


It is OK to get muddy. Love the mud, the dirt and everything nature has to offer. There’s no problem with the dirt, you can always take a bath after. Don’t be afraid to do some dirty jobs as well. You won’t die of a little dirt.  






  1. agree! except for the 1st one. as an alternate solution i always bike with people who knows how to tinker with bike. most i can do is makapalit ng flat tire. todas ako pag chain ang nadali

  2. di mababali chain kung prepared.hehehe.

  3. Marko Samson says:

    thanks for the tips. hope to ride with you guys someday. 🙂

  4. yes. Hope to ride with you also bro.