April 15, 2014 Comments Blog Posts, Reviews

The Missing Link

Homo Sapiens evolved from the apes, according to science. There have been lots of debate whether how others changed but some remained the same. It is a mystery why some apes did not learn or adapt to use tools (maybe they were contented to just eat bananas).
Thus, the missing link from ape to man still continue to boggle our minds.
Why? Why are there still apes, monkeys and other primates? Too bad they did not learn how to use their thumb and grasp that rock to use it as a tool…
‘Coz the ones that did, now enjoy the simple machine called the bicycle.

So much has happened since the first tools and the missing link. The future is now. We ride bikes. We use gears and chain to move much faster. After the long preamble, my point is: always have an emergency missing link in your bag.

missing link

One will never know when your chain might suddenly break. The Missing link will come to the rescue. It is quite easy to install, just like unhooking a bra (I am not sure why that is my analogy, but I cannot think of anything else that would be as pleasant).
It is also nice to have a missing link in your chain because it would be so much easier to clean the grime and dirt in your chain.

Need I say More?
Go get that Missing Link.