May 13, 2008 Comments Bicycles, Blog Posts

The JD Cruzer journey

Made by Bridgestone bicycles in Japan. This original cruiser was imported by the Ono’s and then sold to me. I let Lee of Km. 16 customs do the paintjob and I customized the wheels and put in a coaster hub at the rear.
Rides like a charm, but be careful when you turn ‘coz this bike is too low for your flow!



  1. inch for each tire

  2. and a nice banana seat to go with a tall or medium sized sissy bar

  3. YOu use it if your feeling
    OlD sChOoL

  4. the banana seat and sissy bar will soon follow. I’m just fixin the upholstery of the seat and fabricating a sissy bar.

  5. ounce oz says:

    Bolerks! pano ba yung chopper ko, gusto ko sana pa-extend yung front, at yung tinidor pa extend ko din para pareho na naka 20 yung gulong ko,, – bembol

  6. kailangan mo ng magpa machine shop ng steerer tube para luwang-luwa yung rake ng fork mo. Para stretched ang dating ng bike mo…