First National Bicycle Day in the Philippines


November 3, 2014 Comments (0) Blog Posts

The Green Lagoon

Biking is an adventure. I bike to reach places much faster than going on foot.

My next door neighbor invited my family to Eastridge in Angono, Rizal. He reminded me to bring my bike because the place is a nice venue to go cycling. So I loaded my bike into the rack and headed East. We passed Antipolo and once we were in Eastridge, we could clearly see Laguna de Bay. I saw a beaten path and a body of water somewhere down there.
We followed the trail and found a very relaxing lagoon. It was reminiscent of the Blue Lagoon, a 1980 film starring Brooke Shields. We wanted to take a dip but decided against it. We just pedaled back up to the Thunderbird Resort and swam there.
We did not explore the Petroglyphs somewhere in Eastridge also. But if you are in the area, please do drop by and look at the drawings on the wall. It is Fun!
Eastridge— Thunderbird Resort. Try it.

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