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June 26, 2015 Comments (0) Reviews

The Future of the Two Wheels— Chill Mobile

2015 is the future as we know it.

Fortune tellers have predicted that in the year 2015, society would be so high tech that people would be moving without the need to walk. They have seen the future happen yet it is not yet too wide spread. People can move without walking with the use of a lot of different toys, but it is not yet mainstream. Valleybikes is lucky to be one of the select few to actually experience what the future holds. The machine we are talking about is a gadget called Chill Mobile. It is a simple machine which makes transportation much easier.
How does it work?
It is a simple platform. When you press forward, the wheel moves forward. Press back, it moves back. It has the same principles of balancing on two wheels. On a skateboard, there are four wheels to stabilize the rider, here, the brushless motor keeps you balanced and upright. The motor runs on a battery which can be charged for two hours straight. The energy can last up to 10-15 kilometers, depending on the incline of the surface you are running.
Technology On Our Toes
Technology used to be at our fingertips, when the remote control and mobile phone boomed, now it is also at our toes! On an age when multi-tasking is the new sport, youngsters need to be on top of things with their gadgets and toys. Mark 2015 as the year when the Chill Mobile makes a debut here in the Philippines.
chill mobile
Learning how to ride the Chill Mobile is as fast as 1,2,3. My 5 year old son got the hang of it in a few minutes. It is an easy step by step process which can be taught if the rider listens to the instructions and does not fear the gadget. If you are willing to learn how to ride it, you will be able to ride it. period.
Real World Uses
Is it just for fun or does it have any practical use? It is fun to ride during grocery. If you are going malling with your partner who loves to window shop, you can be rest assured that you don’t need to break a sweat. Parking is a problem? Park far then roll your way to work. Need a camera track dolly? Not anymore, if you have the Chill Mobile! Tired of walking in the golf course, but there are no available golf carts? Chill Mobile to the rescue!
Bottom Line
The Chill Mobile is not a Segway. It does not have a handle. That means you still have your two hands to do other stuff. I am imagining a sport evolving with the use of the Chill Mobile (evolution of Polo?). Maybe an out-of-the-box and totally radical dance number? The Technology on our Toes (T.O.O.T.) concept makes mobility more fun and versatile. It is relatively affordable, compared to the Segway. You can have this amazing piece of technology for only 33,000 php. There is a much smaller one, which costs 25,000 php. That is a steal!
Always be safe. Wear a helmet when you ride!

Here are the specifications of the ChillMobile:
Battery specifications
Type : Lithium-ion
Voltage : 36V DC
Capacity : 4400mAh
Charging time : 2-3 hours
Working temperature : -15 deg C to 50 deg C
Charging temperature : 0 deg C to 40 deg C
With high current XT60 connector
Transporter specifications
Overall dimensions : 584mm wide x 186mm deep x 178mm high
Wheel dimensions : 167mm diameter x 45mm wide
Ground clearance : 30mm
Height of footpads : 110mm
Weight : about 10.3kgs
Minimum load : 20kgs
Maximum load : 100kgs
Maximum speed : 10km/hr
Range per full charge : 10-15 kms (depends on load and road condition)
Maximum gradient (road inclination) – 15 degrees
Motor/Drive system : 2 independent brushless (BL) motors
Electronics : SMT circuitry with heatsinked power transistors (ESC)
Sensors : 2 per footpad
Indicator lights : LED lighting system at 2 front sides and top battery/functuion indicator
Sound indicator : Yes (beep)
Internal metal chassis encased in high impact ABS plastic
Fully insulated internal wiring
Charger specs – Input voltage from 220 AC 50/60 Hz , Li-ion specific charger, special charge receptacle, indicator light (red-charging/standby, green-full charge).
Acknowledgements to Reggie Guevarra for the pictures of the Chill Mobile.

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