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January 2, 2019 Comments (0) Blog Posts

"The Art Of Ligaw" Bakal Bike for Herr Direktor, Jourdan Sebastian

Writer, actor and social entrepreneur Jourdan Sebastian commissioned Valleybikes to create a disaster-ready everyday commuter. It should be fully practical, modern and easy to ride. 

It is planned to be a traffic buster, riding it to beat the slow moving flow of cars around the metro. Instead of forging an artistic fixed gear bike, we opted to have a more durable and well rounded bike which could do the metro duty, AND could still do the distance with or without roads. The fat rims and chubby tires provide comfort and minimize the chances of having to fix a flat tire due to the bad pot holes around the city.

Jourdan is not your typical run of the mill person. He sticks out like a sore thumb and he breeds attention. So the bike should match Jourdan’s personality as well.

The bike came on the right time as Jourdan is in the process of making his first directorial film, The Art Of Ligaw. The film was written by Jourdan as well, and this leap of Faith of directing his own full length film shook him and blew his mind away. The bike was a welcome change as well, for this would literally solve his transportation problems going around the Metro.

This steel modern klunker took time to build. The Cromoly La Bici frame was acquired with cockpit already so we thought it would just be an easy build. What took a long time was pondering on what wheelset would fit Jourdan’s personality.

Deciding what wheelset and tires to put on Jourdan’s bike took some pondering.  It was a choice of slapping on 700c tires OR mounting it with 27.5 plus tires.

The plus tires won over the 700c gravel tires for it would make the bike disaster ready and beefier. Come the worst scenario, this bike can still go through rubble, rocks, and what have you. The Maxxis Ardent tires are pure muscle, meaning no punctures for this commuter. We didn’t want to  bother our artist friend with flats and other delays so I think the plus tires is a good choice for this disaster proof bakal bike.

One more issue that we debated upon was the handlebar. The frame came with a straight 730mm handle bar. When we rode the bike, it was nice to ride, but the cross country stance was not really jive with Jourdan’s attitude. He was more laid back and easy going, with a proper sitting up stance.  Thus we acquired this open bar, reminiscent of the old “binatog” bikes which would straighten the riding stance of the biker. This comfortable riding position suits Jourdan more.

As for the other details, this is where Valleybikes specialize. We believe that a good cockpit needs a good grip, sturdy flat pedals and a comfortable seat.  The ESI grips are probably the best soft grips in the bike market now. The flat pedals have teeth which sticks to your shoe soles like glue, so there’s no issue in slipping. While for the saddle, this customized Fizik is very light and appropriately colored. Coolness factor: check.

Drivetrain: Deore XT 1 x 9. How else can you go wrong with tested and proven bombproof equipment from Shimano? The hydraulic brakes are flawless on the Shimano Ice-tech rotors. The shifting is crisp and the 9 speed can last you for decades! We wanted to go single speed to make it cleaner, but Jourdan would want to have gears when climbing the hills of Metro Manila. No need to sweat it out, you got your granny gear. Hubs are Shimano as well, so expect a smooth and quiet freewheel.

Fork is rigid. We were challenged if the plus tires with the wide rims would fit the 29er fork. Thankfully it did.

Other small details to point out: handle bar ends. Nice and cute.

Jourdan Sebastian stickers on the 45mm rims.

This bike will always remind Jourdan of his first movie as director. We got the title on the top tube, to give it the customized feel.

If you want your own customized bicycle, just email us and we are more than willing to create a bike specifically for you and your needs.


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