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The 2020 La Mesa Bike Trail Flow— Still Smooth!

The La Mesa Nature Reserve in Quezon City is our city’s answer to New York City’s Central Park. No, let us not compare the two parks but the energy and nature vibe they both bring to their respective cities are almost the same.

La Mesa Nature Reserve is very big and it is inside Quezon City. Yes, that is how humongous the city of Quezon is.

be sure to type in La Mesa NATURE RESERVE. Otherwise the robot voice will lead you to another entrance wherein you borrow kiddie bikes and the like.

Going to La Mesa itself is a challenge already, especially if you get caught in the traffic rush. It really is up to you if you ride going there or ride-with-a-friend. So, to lessen our carbon footprint, I hitched a ride with my best bike buddy and we went to La Mesa together.

Bike early, finish early. Home by lunch.

We knew there was no near sari-sari store so my friend prepared peanut butter sandwiches for our pre-ride munchies. The sandwich perked us up plus I ate a banana for potassium. Knowing La Mesa, this will be a long flowy ride.

We met some of our co-riders who will be sharing the guide with us. It is more economical if you invite friends in La Mesa because the guide fee will be smaller. But now, Mang Joe charged us 200Php per head. For one guide, all six of us paid 1200Php. Given that Mt. Maarat is closed plus the trails here in La Mesa are manicured and flowing in perfection, all the “Wooohooos and Oh Yeahhhhs!” were totally worth it.

“Now you know, and knowing is HALF the battle!” -G.I. Joe

Santa Cruz HighTower Run

First ride at the La Mesa for the SC Reserve carbon wheelset.

Maiden ride of the new Santa Cruz Reserve wheelset at La Mesa—>

One of my friends ride a Santa Cruz High Tower. He used to roll around with an ENVE wheelset on 27.5 plus tires. He called me up one day saying he got an excellent deal for the Santa Cruz RESERVE carbon wheels. The 29inch carbon wheels boasts of a lifetime warranty for the original owner plus the spot where the spokes cling to the rim, the carbon fiber is thicker and stronger.

I asked him what is the difference from the 27.5 plus Enve wheelset from the new Santa Cruz Reserve 29 inch wheel (with 27mm internal width):

“Stability is almost the same which is weird given the 3inches of the plus versus the 2.3 tires in the SC rims.”

“All obstacles are easily cleared with the 29inch option of course but since the rim set is lighter, it is easier to go over ’em.”

Comparing the SC Reserve with his 29inch Mavic rims, the Santa Cruz Reserve is said to be sturdier. He doesn’t hesitate with the new wheelset, in his previous 29inch wheelset, he was watchful, now it’s all rock n roll.

SC little box on a hightower

The ride was short for the HighTower. They had to go back after a certain spot. We shall give more feedback soon.


La Mesa’s Magic

The flowy single track of La Mesa Nature Reserve is always fun to ride. The downhills are paved enough to give you a good gravitational pull, propelling you to the next up… then just enough kicks can get you to the next downhill rush once more.

The rain less weather presently (Feb-March) dried up the trails to its most excellent riding condition. The leaves are out of the way, plus the soil is dry. La Mesa is a nightmare to ride during the muddy season. (We should address the over mud issue of the area and place more wood/rock anti-slip stoppers. —-paging La Mesa authorities!)

water reserve fence lean

The issue of having no snacks has been solved by putting an owner type of jeep at the Kawayanan rest stop. Manong sells eggs, banana, chocolates and other drinks to very tired bikers. At the parking lot, I saw some lady cooking inihaw na liempo and other food. The smell was very tempting, yet home cooked food is incomparable.

We loaded our bikes into our vehicle, changed clothes and got on our way. We gave our guide tip, and trudged on the Novaliches/Fairview slow traffic jam. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning. The bike itch got scratched, the single track flow gave our emotion its needed rush, plus cardio was pumped… riding in La Mesa is indeed: SMOOTH.

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