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Tale Of Two Helmets

Spyder Philippines is a sports apparel and gear brand which has their own lines of helmets, shades, cyclewear, and more. They have been rolling out tons of top notch items from their catalogue, which includes a great collection of bike helmets. Today, Spyder shows off with its two, brand-new, and state of the art helmets, the Spyder Carve and Spyder Stump, which have just come out. Now, while both are fantastic road bike helmets, each has its own strengths and niches. This article will help you find out which of these top quality helmets is the right fit for you.

Carve Helmet is black.
White helmet is Stump.

Before counting their differences, let’s delve into the similarities of the two helmets. Both the Carve and the Stump feature ultra lightweight and aerodynamic frames. Spyder has built a reputation for its helmets as being on the lighter side without sacrificing user safety, and they’ve done their magic again. Both helmets fit well onto the cyclist’s head, comfortably hugging the scalp without much issue. With Spyder’s intuitive adjustment mechanism, the helmet comfortably fits a wider range of head sizes than I’ve experienced with other helmets. When it comes to aesthetics, I can confidently crown them as some of the sleekest helmet designs in the market right now. Now, let’s take a look at them one by one.


The Spyder Carve stuck out to me as simple, yet purposeful. While it does follow the silhouette of a typical road helmet, it’s got that Spyder charm and style to it. The matte finish is a great touch, along with the simplicity of its black design. If you take a look at its front, it seems as though there’s a curved, empty area frame for a visor. Instead, the cleverly shaped tip diverts wind, allowing it to pass through the other vents, thus further optimizing the aerodynamics of the helmet.

lightweight matte black ninja

Personally, I find this model to be a perfect fit for me, as I dislike bulky-feeling helmets when I ride. For some of my previous helmets, I would take them off right when getting off the bike because of their sheer mass. In the case of the Carve, however, I forgot I was even wearing it at times; it just goes to show how weight can greatly affect the comfortability of a helmet.

The Carve proves itself to be a formidable addition to the Spyder collection, sure to be a favourite of casual and hardcore cyclists alike.


Just what the doctor ordered: wear your helmet!

The Spyder Stump, on the other hand, has specifications which make it stand out from the crowd. The helmet looks straight out of a sci-fi flick, and might be one of the coolest looking helmets out there. It’s decorated with black accents all around the clean, white, glossy surface of the helmet.

There are definitely less air vents on this compared to the previous helmet, yet still has a great amount of breathing room for your head. It sports a protective front visor for both rain or shine, while also helping to reduce the drag when riding. Admittedly, I found myself missing a helmet visor while using the Spyder Carve, so I heavily appreciated its presence on the Stump. As for the frame, the helmet is bulkier compared to the Carve, but that’s part of its charm. The back side of the helmet is built for a stable ride, securing the backside of the rider’s head. This makes for smooth and comfortable rides, with the little added weight barely being a compromise.

Though the shape and aesthetic of the Stump may appeal to a certain audience of bikers, its comfort-ability and stability makes it a great option for anyone on a bike.

Final verdict: Spyder’s done its magic once again with both the Carve and the Stump. Their new releases live up to the high standard that they’ve been delivering for years without fail. If you’re a fan of light and easy to throw on helmets, then I would recommend the Spyder Carve. On the other hand, if you prioritize stability and utility when riding, the Spyder Stump is the one for you. I highly suggest that you give either of these a shot, as these will deliver a great biking experience no matter who you are. 

words by: Jetri Bolintiam

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