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July 17, 2018

Can a Stock Bike Survive The Trail? VLOG Number One

This took me forever but it is now happening! Valleybikes is slowly morphing into a

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base kamp revised October 11, 2016

Revised BaseKamp 2016

Revised Baskekamp 2016 The Basekamp mountain bike trail has been revised for more

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Blue Wave of Mt. Maarat February 18, 2016

Blue Whale of Mt. Maarat

Our little band of bikers, Mountain Goats rode the trails of Mt. Maarat, in San

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Blue Zone Rat Race December 10, 2015

Rat Race and Other Musings

In this Rat Race we call life, there are plenty of options. We can train, run and be

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May 29, 2015

Race or Pace

Would you rather RACE or PACE? While I was riding a while ago, I saw a couple coming

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