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You Rally, You Learn

August 23, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen musings of a would-be home bike mechanic / bicyclist / husband / pet owner / day time employee / photographer with a dirty mind…
a.k.a. Quintin “Nonong” Nobleza

Some amount of brake rub is perfectly fine. Especially after spending the last two hours trying to true that warped rotor.
When I buy bike gear at ridiculously low prices and tell my wife, if my wife mentions this to another cyclist, the cyclist will react like I was definitely low balling the price for my wife. Incidentally, I do not hide the price of my bikes from my wife. Not yet, anyway.
Marry someone who doesn’t mind “a bit of” clutter. Or some grease here and there. (Okay, must clean up later…) And a number of bikes taking up floor space.
Fitting a tubeless tire is easier after fitting the tire with a tube and letting it stand overnight.
Switching to sealed cables is the best upgrade I did for my MTB. No dirt can clog up my cables and affect shifting. Now, cleaning and lubing cables are off my checklist and I can spend more time repairing that stubborn brake rub.
Use wet lube or dry lube depending on the situation. Dry lube best for bikes. Incidentally, Body Glide is NOT for bikes.
Tony Ferrer Dragon
Technical trails are like cats, if you stroke it the right way, you’ll come out without a scratch.
—-ina and f–k are two words that, when uttered while ascending, can help alleviate the suffering. Whilst, —-ina and f–k uttered after descents help to alleviate the pain of the crash. OOOOOOOuch is the PG version.
I wear my scars like war medals. So should you.
If you survive a horrific crash, you have all the right to embellish the story to make it much more horrific than it actually is and appear like you were the luckiest person alive. I’d pay for a horrific crash that I survive but only if it is guaranteed.
Off-road biking is when you cycle on the sidewalk to avoid vehicle traffic.
Helmets are for wimps. I’m the biggest WIMP. Okay, those who wear pads (knee, elbow, etc) are wimpier.
The success formula for bike magazines are the same as with porn magazines. Photos and stats are all that matters. Nobody buys them for their articles.
XC are your girl next door while DH rigs are your triple rated porn stars.
Drinking alcohol is better with biker friends. Always.
I do not know my biker friends’ personal lives but I know their bike and gear down to the detail of their scratch marks. I think this is the reason why drinking is better with bikers.
Nonong currently resides in Singapore and he visits the Philippines to bomb our local trails.

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