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Holiday Ride 2013

December 19, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts, Reviews

Sun day Bloody Sun shades

As a mountain biker, we get a lot of sun. The sun is our friend, it can also be our enemy. We pray for the sun when it is raining in the Philippines. We adore and praise the sun, thankful for its radiance and power over us Earthlings.
All the while, we should also protect our vision from the harmful rays of the sun. We need a cool eye wear worthy of our outdoor adventure. The lens should be polarized, the actual cost of the shades should not burn a hole in our pocket, plus it should make us look awesome.
Enough pre-amble: presenting…
The Spyder Stronghold
dec 2013 (14)
Valleybikes would like to thank Spyder for our awesome eyewear.
This is the mantra of Team Spyder: We belong to different sport disciplines, groups and communities, yet are bound together by the singular desire to be the best and to represent only the best. We stand strong in our aim to promote unity in diversity, excellence in performance and passion for adventure. WE ARE ONE TEAM! WE ARE TEAMSPYDER!
dec 2013 (16)
Giant XC2 first place winner for his age category, Emille Silvestre checking out his new Spyder goodies. Merry Christmas!

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