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Summer Ready

“Summer time and the livin’s easy…” Doin’ Time by Sublime

When biking during the hot summer months, you have to be SUN PROOF.
1. Always hydrate. Drink lots of liquid.
2. Apply sun screen lotion.
3. Wear your sun shades to protect your eyes.
There’s no other way to be cooler than wearing eye protection that looks good. Bright colored frames are quite popular nowadays, so choose the color you like to purchase.
If you want an awesome pair of shades which is very practical for its functionality, quality and price, the Spyder Swell shades is the eye wear for you.
This sleek looking shades is suave to the core. The aerodynamic design makes you look very fast. Aesthetically speaking, if you’re rocking this shades, people think you’re really quick.
It is very functional, thanks to the two extra pair of lens that comes free when you purchase the shades. You want yellow lens for those sundown rides? Quickly snap on the “ambermatic” lens and everything’s gonna be bright and happy. Going to the beach, or predicting a very sunny day, put back on the mirror lens and you’re good to go. Very dependable.

I love Team Spyder eyewear because the quality is at par with the best shades in the market today. You get the quality of Bolle, Rudy Project and Oakley for 1/3 the price. These sunnies are bang for the buck.


So, grab that sun screen lotion, down that H2O and wear that Spyder Swell shades. Now, you are SUMMER ready.

Acknowledgement to the model: John
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