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Dirty Breakfast Rules

January 30, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Study to Bike

I saw this funny statement in Cruiser Bike Manila:
stupid quotes
Riding is fun, but it is more enjoyable if you do it after your homework.
It is simple; feed your brain first. Then clock in saddle time. The more prepared rider not only has saddle time, but has technique and research along with it. You can’t fight a battle with all brawn, you need a brain too.
Coming to a race, you know you trained well for it. But you must also track read and do your seatwork. Know every turn, and anticipate where to attack, where to relax, and how to save your energy. Use your brain, rely on your strength and pray that the Force guides you.
tulak triangle offense
photo credit: Gica and her team

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