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Black Sabbath 2015

To Bike or Not To Bike

June 15, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Storck Brings New Carbon Fiber Babies To Manila

Waze (the traffic map app) brought me to discover the newest bike shop in the metro, Storck Store Manila. I was on my way home and Waze directed me to pass by the Greenfield District in Mandaluyong. I was cruising by and saw this very gorgeous bike inside a boutique shop. I hit the brakes and parked. I had to go down and look at it. Luckily, one of the owners was there to talk to customers. He was friendly and entertained all my inquiries about the products they handled.
Storck Store Manila
The store is very nice and it is like walking into one of the posh stores you would find in Bonifacio Global City. It caters to the carbon fiber fans who only want the best for their ride. You want a unique bike? This is the place to look for that upscale high end bicycle. The store stocks most of the Storck models which have been awarded design awards and also the 2013 Cycling Plus Race Bike of the Year 2013.
The store is more like a gallery for bikes which are properly built and with clean lines. The bikes on display are more of like works of art which you could dream about. It is a pleasure to see them standing there in all its glory, how much more if you ride those babies? The first floor of the store offers its fleet of bikes. The second floor is like a lounge area where you can hang out and just chill. There is a mini bar where you can meet fellow riders who are into the same thing: carbon fiber.
Storck Store Manila offers not only the finest carbon fiber art pieces but also Garmin, 3T, Proviz and Kask Helmets. They have their own bike fitting service which was mastered by David Greenfield. This is especially important for road racers because every millimeter counts for proper riding stance on road bikes. You cannot go home with a new road bike which is not fit for you. Especially if you have a carbon fiber investment, you plan to go really fast and win races, so you gotta have some Science injected into it. That’s the secret sauce.
Thus, if you want your carbon fiber fix, you know where to go. Markus Storck, “the crown prince of carbon fiber”, continues to develop his line of frames and parts to further develop the advancement of cycling. After all his design awards and what-have-you’s, he still continues to research on the latest technology to give bikers the lightest and most durable frames and forks. Hats off to you, Markus and cheers to Storck Store Manila.

Storck Store Manila– (+632)6506727 / www.storck.ph

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