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Spyder knows Shox

Bike Essential-
One of the most important essentials in biking is the rider’s helmet. It protects the rider’s head which is the most important part of biking. So please use your head and wear a helmet.
I always remind my friends to ride safe and wear a helmet. Some say it is cooler without a helmet on. I beg to disagree… ~it is not cool to have a limp body due to paralysis due to brain damage. So I say, it is cooler to wear a helmet when riding your bicycle. We don’t wish for an accident, but it is better to be safe than to be sorry. That helmet can also save your head from low hanging branches.
There are numerous kinds of helmets out in the market. You can read my other article about the different kinds of helmet here:
An emerging discipline that is fast growing in popularity is Enduro Mountainbiking. Thus, the market provided a unique helmet for that kind of discipline.
©Earl Harper
Enduro married Cross country with All Mountain and got Downhill as a mistress. The result: Big-Hit-Aggressive-Technical-Riding. The bike mutated along with Enduro and so does the helmet.
From the heavy duty mullets which cover a majority of the back part of the skull, it transformed into a much lighter XC type kind of helmet. Or you can also look at it the other way around: From the very light XC helmet, it now provides a better protection coverage for it goes up to the back of the skull. Weight is not an issue because the ventilation ducts make the helmet “cooler” and lighter. For the sticker fanatics, you can still put your decals on because the surface is sticker friendly.
Spyder answers the Enduro biker’s whim for an awesome looking helmet with its new model, Shox. The orange and ecru color combination is radical. I’ve had numerous helmets before but this helmet had most of my friends complimenting, “Nice helmet!”
One of my friends even said that the back part of the helmet looked like a robot from Transformers.
The fit is snug and comfortable because the internals are just like any other XC helmet wherein you can tighten and loosen the grip on your skull. The pads are just right for the mass of the helmet. It sits right there on your noggin, providing a force field for your brain.
The visor works like it should; to shield your eyes from the hot sun. It also looks like a front wind spoiler, for those fast DH descents.
In a nutshell, Spyder does it right with the new Shox helmet. Protection, aesthetics, weight and price all hit the bull’s eye.
Good job #teamspyder
Time to buy a new helmet!

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