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Spyder Anchor MTB Shorts Is All You Need

As a mountain biker, I’d always imagine that MTB shorts would be staple and become mainstream, making MTB shorts part of everyone’s wardrobe. In short, I thought MTB shorts (fun puns) would be part of mainstream local fashion much like how board shorts (for surfing) became a thing, and it was cool to wear board shorts when hanging out and going to the mall. Incidentally, MTB shorts still became exclusive to riders and it did not reach mainstream fashion, so when one rocks a MTB shorts, you’d still guess that this dude rides his bike in the mountains during the weekend.

MTB shorts

Mountain Bike Shorts Is Not For Everyone

There is a certain exclusivity for MTB shorts that not everyone can rock it. There is a certain fit and right amount of swag in order to pull it off. Yet, we shall not talk about that here. What we shall discuss now is that: Mountain Bike Shorts are better than running shorts. Why? Simply because you can run in your MTB shorts, that’s easy. Yes, you may also bike in your running shorts, but it will not be as tough and appropriate.

The best quality of a good mountain bike shorts is that it has padding on the butt. There are different styles and models for the MTB shorts but one thing that stands out from the rest is that it needs to be comfortable.

OK, so padded in the butt area, check. Comfortable, check. What else should you look for in an awesome MTB shorts? Superior quality. This simply sets the Spyder MTB shorts apart from the rest. The Anchor’s superior quality is unmatched by its competition due to its price range. Yes, there are other shorts that are of same superior quality but no other MTB shorts can give the bang for the buck price point for this kind of make.

Loose But Not Too Loose

The Mountain bike Shorts separates the road cyclists from the MTB riders. All cyclists wear cycling shorts to pad the ass and lessen the swelling of the gluteus maximus after a long ride, yet what distinguishes the two (minus their bikes) is their shorts. The MTB shorts before used to be super loose, but during the turn of the decade, the cut of the new crop of MTB shorts seem to be getting slimmer and narrower. For the Spyder Anchor, even if the cut is tighter and leaner, the shorts is still comfortable due to the fine fabric that it is made of. The soft breathable material dries up quick and works very well with mud (meaning: mud and shorts are friends with each other).

Design Hero

Personally, I like the pattern and color combination of the Spyder Anchor. The design and style cues of the zippered pocket is right on. The pockets are not only functional, they give the MTB shorts a certain flow which other brands just slap on their name/brand and they think that does the job. It is just so much better now that we have plenty of options, there would be plenty of variations. When we were starting out mountain biking, the choices were limited. We either wore short chinos, board shorts, or cargo shorts. Now that it has branched out to a more specific and defined catogory, the modern mountain bike shorts has a lot to give.

Basic But Standout

If you need MTB shorts that functions well and works wonders outdoors, the Spyder Anchor is the right shorts for you. It is excellent for cycling, the cut is good and the price is competitive. You are simply paying for good quality, so this shorts is s must for your bike wardrobe rotation. Going to the mall? Paired with the right shirt, you can lounge in these too! Awesome pair of shorts, ‘ey?

Standard retail price is P1,890. They are available in Spyder NorthEdsa Annex and Spyder outlets nationwide.

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