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Specialized Levo: The Mountain Bike for Tony Stark

The Specilaized Levo is the mountain bike for billionaire Tony Stark.

Specialized Levo e-mountain bike review


Yes, it is a figure of speech which means a lot of things. For starters, you need a lot of cash in order to purchase the bike. Another thing, this bike is a cut above the rest. It is like having the Ironman suit. It will make you go further, last longer, climb steeper and descend more confidently.


In the last Ironman movie, the producers and writers made Tony Stark “more human” dealing with his abilities and making him more of a hero without the suit. It established that Tony Stark is really worthy to be called a super hero WITH or WITHOUT the suit. Of course, he’s way better if the suit is there, but the real ability is still inside him. Why am I telling this story? Being a good mountain biker is within you. The skills are developed through years of training and time spent on the saddle and in the trails. So if you are given an awesome bike like the Specialized Levo, you’d be worthy to be an Avenger, but you have to train more in order to beat Cap…


Specialized Levo is based on the geometry of the flagship Stumpjumper. So now that Specialized has perfected the handling, suspension and feel of the Stumpy, it’s just applying all their knowledge on the Levo. The bike rolls in 27.5 x 2.8 Specialized Butcher tires so expect a lot of traction and stick on all conditions. 150mm front and 135mm rear travel gives the rider a plush ride for all the rough terrain and bumps. Of course, all the modern day mountain bike privileges are present in the Levo as well: hydraulic Command post, 200mm rotors for the SRAM Guide RE brakes, and 11 speed SRAM GX drivetrain. So imagine having a gnarly trail bike with a battery on the downtube and a motor to assist you on the bottom bracket.

Specialized Levo e-mountain bike review


E-mountain bike? Are you Cray cray?!

There are a lot of naysayers and purists who are against the rising popularity of the E-mtb. A lot of whispers and raised eyebrows from the hardcore mountain bikers when they see the electronic motorized bike. “Cheating!” a lot of them said. The true essence of mountain biking is lost. I personally don’t think so. The view is still there, you don’t burn fossil fuel, you still pedal to climb, you still enjoy the terrain and the trail, you still have the thrill of the downhill, the handling of the bike is not lost… you just have technology assisting you to make the climb bearable.

Specialized Levo e-mountain bike review

There were lots of examples given to justify the E-mtb Levo. If you have reading glasses, is that considered cheating? The F1 cars are now electronically shifted, is that against the rules? We are simply moving forward in technology, and it is simply Science working for the human beings.

In the dawn of road bikes, through research and development, bike builders invented the cassette type of gears and derailleurs. It helped climbing steep ascents. In the beginning, purists would say, all I need is one gear! But eventually, riders saw the importance of having multiple gears in one bicycle. It is the same Science that we cannot stop from developing. The gears are now helped by energy and power from the moving mechanisms integral to the Specialized Levo.

Specialized Levo e-mountain bike review


Where is the best place to test an electronic mountain bike? In the mountain trail! Specialized set up one fine Sunday morning at the Glades, Timberland, San Mateo to invite guests, bikers and friends and experience the magic of the Levo. There were lots of talks and introductions until finally, it was time to test ride the E-bikes. Its aura was like a downhill bike due to its massive thick downtube and stout tires. This bike might match the old gravity bikes (a few years back- before the carbon fibre DH bikes) in terms of weight. Yet, if you pedal the bike, it felt like a truly light XC machine.

Specialized Levo e-mountain bike review

Ohlins fork with Butcher plus tires (27.5 x 2.8)


Everything a MTB’er ever wanted, Specialized has put on this bike. It was well thought of because it even comes with a mobile device application. The Specialized group will brief anyone riding the bike for the first time (how to turn it on, how to increase the power output, etc). There are lots of geeky modern stuff inside the app of the Levo. If you buy the bike, you get to play around with the different settings. What is important now is that (because of the app) you get to tweak the power output and get to save on battery to last you throughout the whole ride. Years of research and development have led us to this. It is futile to resist…

Specialized Levo e-mountain bike review


The Specialized Levo is everything you ever wanted in an electric mountain bike. It can climb, it has an app, the geometry is killer, the suspension is right on, the shifting is precise, the traction is excellent… As for the price, just like any other new premium item, it is quite costly. Imagine, the company would have to recoup the R & D, and marketing spent on the Levo. But imagine in a world where everything’s free, this is the perfect outdoor bike plus it has the power to ride more trails.


With the Specialized Levo, there are no more excuses. You can now climb like a true mountain goat.

Specialized Levo e-mountain bike review

Specialized Levo e-mountain bike review

the only thing I would replace in this build is to slap on a beefier looking stem.

with Specialized Market Lead for Asia, Mr. Mark Cristi.

Social media influencer James Deakin, Specialized field marketing lead Viver Radhakrishnan , and former PBA sensation Jojo Lastimosa (who’s now an avid mountain biker) talk about the Levo










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