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October 17, 2019 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Solution To The Traffic Situation: Pedal For The Nation

Dear Philippines,

We can solve the heavy traffic situation. It is all about mindset and letting go of our ego. Some think biking to work demeans them. Actually, biking to work or to school empowers us and turns on a happy button that can change our attitude to others.

Case Study: Bong

Bong is a regular guy who goes to work using their family car. He lives in Quezon City and goes to work in Pasig. The distance of his home from his office is 8 kilometers. When he uses the car, his travel time can range from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on the time he leaves his house. He spends around 200 pesos for his gasoline and when he uses Grab, the usual fare is less than 200 pesos for one way. Total travel time of Bong in the morning and evening is roughly 3-4 hours per day. He sits in traffic, bored and miserable. He is tired and grumpy when he arrives at his destination.

One day, Bong decides to bike to work.

He applied sunblock, wore his shades and helmet and left his QC home. It took him 45 minutes (easy pace) to arrive in his Pasig office. He picked the route with the most bike lanes so he felt safe. He stopped somewhere in Ortigas and bought buko juice (20 pesos) from the local buko vendor. When he arrived in the office, he locked his bike, went to the comfort room and freshened up. He wet his hair/head and got rid of the “smell of the sun”, changed shirt and got ready for work, smiling. He is on a dopamine high, since his heart rate is active and Bong just felt good biking to work, saving money, and being kind to the environment.

Now, wouldn’t it be better if we multiply Metro Manila with lots of other Bong cases?

One biker on the road means one less car. Lesser carbon footprint. Healthier lifestyle. Happier outlook. More reason to upgrade your bike. Should I go on?

Other Suggestions to make Bisikleta: Solusyon sa Trapik work:

  1. Each building should have their own bicycle parking. (install bike racks, please?!) This will encourage bikers to pedal more. Free parking!
  2. Have a nice wash area/ lavoratory in your establishment. This will benefit all the bike commuters to change into their superhero costume with ease.
  3. Government should have a tax break on bicycle products. Cheaper bike parts mean more bikers on the road. Subsidize the bikes, give it away for free (to the more deserving ones) so people can feel that the government is helping solve the crisis.
  4. Launch awareness programs to push cycling to the kids and adults. Proper bike handling, cycling etiquette and other road rules will help rise the number of cyclists.

Let us all do our part! Respect the bikers. Share the road. Together, we can all help solve this traffic crisis.



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