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February 18, 2014 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes has been my favorite G.I. Joe since I was young. His strong-silent-type-ninja-skills never cease to amaze me.
His eclectic mix of guns and sword is the perfect blend for the universal soldier. Even without bullets, Snake eyes can easily put a man down with his martial arts skills. So, when my former office mate approached me to pimp up his old stuck-up bike and raise it to be like Snake eyes, I promptly accepted the challenge.
One thing was sure, this bike would be pitch black. I had a thing for ninjas and all his cousins that deem black as cool. My first Mountain bike was black, so this was a build that was close to the heart. It should stand well, like a sleek fighter ready for anything. It must be quick and nimble, with a short cockpit and light sleek tires.
No challenge at all. Just paint it black.
But this is not just an ordinary black bike. This is Snake eyes.
Valleybikes customized the head badge with Snake eyes’ signature red stripes. The stem was shortened for a better posture when riding, making it a fun stance. It was a tough choice, between putting fat knobbies and sleek 1.75s. In the end, I chose to slap in the thin ones to save weight plus I figured that it is the nice middle making the bike a hybrid like Snake eyes.
snake eyes bike (7)
BLACK AS NIGHT. Snake eyes will give you the perfect stealth moves if you are escaping that World War Z.
Like all bikes coming out of the Valleybikes stable, I tested the bike if it passed my standards. It rode so well that I want my own version of Snake eyes. But that is another story.
snake eyes2

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