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February 4, 2010 Comments (4) Blog Posts, Uncategorized

slick is the way to go…

I now have a growing passion for a fixie bike.
Fixed gear, velo track bike. No freewheel. Just pedal all the way, baby!

4 Responses to slick is the way to go…

  1. Danny Andag says:

    eto ba yung white SS dati?

  2. yup. From white to two tone with mags. Soon to be picked up by Mr. Ken Dingle.

  3. Danny Andag says:

    nag iisip din ako ng SS rigid.. 2010 project bike? hehe

  4. dahil sa cinecycle video ng isang messenger fixie…ako rin naengganyong mag-fixie dahil sa lupit ng skills na ipinakita nya sa vid.

    esp. the brake/skid/turn manouver

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