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January 17, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts


I was riding along Aurora Boulevard to cross EDSA yesterday, when this very strange incident happened to me. I saw the stoplight counter and it was 11 seconds till the light turns to red. I mashed and pedaled fast in order to cross EDSA and reach the bridge continuing Aurora Blvd. As I reached the middle of the intersection, I felt a bumper of a car on my left leg.I was taken aback when I saw a Honda City trying to push its way to the right. It was like bullying me to go right but I was going left to take the bridge.
So, being the defensive biker, I slowed down and tried to move out of its way. The car was still pushing me to the right, so I hit my brakes and then it happened… The left bar end of my bike hit the car’s right side mirror and then it fell down. I was quite surprised when the side mirror fell down. It rolled on the middle of the road. I was waiting for the driver to stop to pick up the sidemirror but he just drove away as if nothing happened. I figured the driver must be amateur or has no driver’s license.
bar end
Moral of the story: Bike defensively when riding Urban. Ride hard. Ride safe.

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