February 7, 2011 Comments Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Shotgun Patiis DH

In my years of biking, I’ve never ridden up Shotgun. There’s an urban legend that tells that a certain security guard points a shotgun at riders in that particular trail, thus the namesake. Tales of heat, exhaustion, non stop ascents, and bad reviews were always associated with shotgun so I never really tried riding up shotgun. I always pass Timberland’s “the wall” for I know it by heart. I know where to pace myself and the like.
Last weekend, there was no planned ride, so I just showed up at Aling Tina’s for the usual breakfast and chitchat. Some friends were going up shotgun, thus inviting me to join them. I told Pao and Maki, I’ll go up shotgun if they go DH with me in Patiis. They were up for anything. NO fear, no doubts, just a plain yes. If we get lost, OK, fine. Just no injuries.
So we trekked up Shotgun, I thought it was hard, but it was overrated. I guess the bike gods were good to me also for the weather was fine, it was overcast and the sun did not blare its full heat on us.
We saw some DH bikers getting pulled up by some motorcyles and I inquired where is the trail going to Patiis. They showed us the way and we followed the path up. We stopped by in the antennae and had some RC and biscuits. Ate was kind enough to converse with us and warn us about the dangers of Patiis. She said that yesterday,  there were a lot of bikers and some had nasty spills. Thank god for the warning and before descending the trail, I said my little prayer. I asked my guardian angel to ride with me, so I survived with no bruises.







In between the long DH, we stopped to laugh and talk about the hard track. There were really technical parts, we attacked the rocky DH with ease and careful calculation. If there were drops and impossible challenges, we dismounted and crossed the obstacle like a true man.

That is my Shotgun and Patiis experience.