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Shimano Dirt and Play 2015

Summer time is the perfect season for cycling events. It is sunny, dry and the weather is cooperative for biking. Thus, every weekend, there are bike events which target the cycling community.

The recently concluded Shimano Dirt and Play 2015 is a summer biker fiesta must-go-to. In our bike calendar year in the Philippines, summer brings the Earthday ride, the tour of the Fireflies, and a few more “happy” bike events. The Shimano Dirt and Play event is one gathering which one should attend.
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Biker Dad P.O.V.
As a non-racer biker, the lure of the event was to watch other biker friends compete and have fun. It was more of a support-your-mate appointment yet I enjoyed it due to the whole vibe of the festival. It was held at Filinvest Alabang so I brought my whole family along so we can spend bike bonding time together. Too bad that when we arrived, we missed the community ride led by Mr. Ryan Agoncillo. It was all good since the Dirty Breakfast stall made us happy just to be there (more on that later).
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We also found out that there was a kiddie event for children under ten. My two kids wished they joined the contest so I promised them that we would do that next year.
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When we arrived, the Megaman race (200lbs above) was about to start so I bid my good friend, Diong Fernandez all the good luck he can have. I told him before the gun start to place and eat the competition away. True enough, he churned out number one. His training, endurance and mind power paid off; hats off to Diong, is so proud of you. Apir!!!

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We also got to talk to Gica who placed second from Ariana Dormitorio. Congrats to our sisters in mountain biking. Hope you gals go global soon! Imagine, bringing pride and joy to our motherland. Ariana is competing internationally now, we just wish more sponsors support her so we can make a mark on the worldwide MTB scene. Same goes to you, Gica!

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There was a free to play inflatable playground for the kids to hang out in. That was a brilliant move from the organizers. Clap clap clap.

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Dirty Breakfast
The food was great thanks to the Dirty Breakfast team. This is what you call breakfast of Champions! Juday’s culinary skills were showcased to lucky bikers. Everything tasted great and it was a glimpse of what lucky biker boy Ryan eats after a dirty bike ride, thus the name: Dirty Breakfast. You don’t eat dirty food, you eat the food while you are dirty, after a glorious morning sesh. Bikers say that anything you eat after a good ride tastes like heaven. So imagine that, plus the food is really excellent, ahhh… no words can express that wonderful feeling.
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I am not a racer but I am a biker. I enjoyed the whole scene and got to watch bikers compete with each other. The course was short, fun and well thought of. The organizers knew what they were doing and in a nutshell, I had fun. Of course there is still that small wish that it could be better if…
But I would not rant that way. We can suggest to the people involved on how to improve next time. The event title really captured the whole point of the event. Get dirty and Play! It is fun!

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