April 4, 2014 Comments Bicycles, Blog Posts

Santa Cruz Nomad Wins Back The Crown

Since I started riding Full Suspension, the Santa Cruz Nomad has been my wet dream bike. The sleek sexy curves of the bike give me a tingling sensation plus the awesome reviews of the bike made it more desirable.

I love the big hit/ all-mountain category with bulky strong bikes that can go down fast but still have the ability to go up. When Santa Cruz launched their flagship Nomad bike, I was a fan. Bikes have come and gone, changed and re-shaped, but the Nomad has survived on being the constant wall paper in my desktop.

Upgrades here and there, making the link carbon, beefing the frame up, sloping some angles, and a few more revisions made the Nomad what it is now:
A full Carbon 27.5 monster.

If you are riding a hardtail now, you aspire to have a full suspension rig, right? You want something awesome, aesthetically pleasing yet can bully the DH. Big fat tires which can roll over anything… guess what, Santa Cruz pumped some more of that secret serum they injected Captain America… and came up with this:

27.5 Fat tires.
Carbon Frame.
Need we say more?

If you are not yet convinced why Nomad has the crown now, check out the April-1-video launched by Santa Cruz here: (turn up the volume on this one!)

The video production is superb, the music is perfect. Standing ovation for this video. More on the Nomad here: