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Same Ride, Different Rush

Mountain biking is never boring.

Even if you ride with the same group of friends on the same trail, it will always be different.

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MOUNTAIN GOATS– I have a close circle of friends and the only thing common among us is the simple truth that we love mountain biking. We come from different fields, backgrounds and profession, but what fuels our meet up is outdoor-rough-mountain biking. We just happen to start at the same time and got into the sport at the same period, thus our bond. We started riding around 2006-2007, roughly when mechanical disc brakes were the industry standard in MTbikes. The transition from the standard hub to the disc ready hub was the much coveted upgrade. Suspension tuning (with air and coil) was a heavy topic in the bike shops. Those days were the dawn of the full suspension rig, when FS means downhill only. There were no All Mountain bikes or Enduro bikes. So, that was the time when hardtail 26 inch rims mechanical brakes were in. We arranged rides, we had fun and we grew close. Imagine the countless hours spent with friends just pedaling your way up to some mountain. When its just you and your buddy out there, you eventually grow close to him and get to talk about life. They are called bike buddies. That’s the mountain goats.

People bring in new blood and beginners. Don’t be harsh to them. You were once new yourself. The joy of being with the young is reliving the fun times before. Savor and enjoy!

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If you are tired, rest. Mountain biking is not a contest, it is a communion with nature.

Upgrade your lungs and legs first before you upgrade your bike.

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Mr. Picache with his upgrade.