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July 29, 2015 Comments (0) Reviews

Royal Racing Quantum Glove Review

Royal Racing Quantum gloves
Teamspyder sent me new full finger gloves for product review and testing. They sent me the Royal Racing Quantum Glove in blue and red. This lightweight race/ enduro/ downhill specific MTB gloves is for serious riders with the skills to pay the bills.
I love the red and blue Spiderman combination, which made me feel I had spider senses. It is thin enough to be able to use your smart phone for the touch screen works even if the gloves are on. No need to remove the gloves when taking selfies or answering messages from Mary Jane.
The gloves let my hands breath and it does not hinder any activity which would need you to remove the hand protection. It looks awesome, plus it makes you feel as if you are a real pro.
One can actually feel the wind brush inside the perforated glove, especially when you are going fast downhill.
action shot2
There is also a micro fibre thumb wipe which lets you catch the sweat coming from your face with a swipe of a thumb. This is very useful here in the Philippines, says the sweaty Pinoy.
It is a beautiful pair of gloves, and unique from the everybody else’s Fox racing gloves. Want one? If you want the Royal Racing Quantum glove, check out:

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