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The Mount Makiling Adventure

Bayaw Bicycle Club Does Diliman

May 19, 2015 Comments (1) Adventure

Riding With The Bayaw Bicycle Club

Bayaw- (noun) term of endearment for brother-in-law
Took a ride with the Bayaws of Manila around the State University. It was a fun ride with personalities such as Lourd De Veyra, Jun “Bayaw” Sabayton, Ramon Bautista and RA Rivera. We also rode with some cool biker boys who were out to have fun. I met Lyle Sacris, premiere director of TV commercials and music videos.
We biked, we talked, we laughed and had fun.
I cannot spoil the video so let’s just wait for it to be edited.
What does the elusive yellow bayaw jersey mean? Find out when the video is released.
Many thanks to bayaw Bogs, bayaw RA, Lourd, Monra, bayaw Jun and all the bayaws out there.

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  1. […] THE BAYAW BICYCLE CLUB. An online video series formed by television network TV5 personalities Jun Sabayton, RA Rivera, Ramon Bautista, and Lourd De Veyra, they go around the streets of Metro Manila to promote bikes as a form of transportation. (Photo grabbed from ValleyBikes) […]

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