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July 31, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Riding with Rayms

The Bayaw Bicycle Club recently rode with Raimund Marasigan in the valley of Marikina. We met up with him at the Riverbanks and had a few laughs, gave him the uniform jersey of the club and went biking with him in the Shoe Capital of the Philippines.
Reyms no hands
I won’t spoil the entire shoot, let us just wait for the edited video of the Bayaw Bicycle Club episode 3. One thing I noticed in the trusty Karate Monkey of Rayms is his blue cockpit. He used to have red pedals and red grips in the gray steel 29er, but he has updated his single speed steed to a blue cockpit.
Karate Monkey SS
Nice aesthetics Rayms. Good taste. Here’s to more rides! Cheers!
We also rode with their sound Engineer, Shinji Tanaka. He is an avid mountain biker and bike connoisseur. He rode his Gary Fisher Klunker looking bike for this easy ride. Nice riding with you, Sir Shinji.
Shinji's klunker
Watch out for episode 3 of the Bayaw Bicycle Club

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