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Riding Solo

After missing two weeks of mud, I finally got time to ride my bike in the mountain once again. I had no plans, I had no friends to ride with so I decided to go solo. It is a different experience when you pedal alone for the pace is different, plus you get to see things on a unique kind of light. You can stop anytime and pause without worrying about the pack. It is all up to you if you want to go or not. No need to find approval from your buddies where to eat or how long to stay. You can contemplate and think about a lot of different things because there is no need to chit chat to your rider friends.

lugaw P20 Ze gourmet 20 peso goto (with lamanlouve)

I timed myself climbing up the Wall. It was me versus myself. Not bad, considering my leg muscles took a long hiatus from biking, I concluded that it is all in the mind. I entered the Green Zone trail and I told myself this is going to be a grueling ride for the track is wet. My aged rear tire keeps on slipping because the knobs at the center of the wheel are kind of flat already. My 2.35 instantly became 2.5, thanks to the mud. The leaves on the single track didn’t help the traction for they add more slide to the wheels. The off camber track is tricky because you need side knobs to prevent your rear wheel from falling off the track. The vegetation plus the rain made the Green zone into an intermediate track for thick foliage scratched your arms when going fast. What was supposed to be an easy ride turned out to be quite a challenge. Nice!
I had two spills because my rear wheel just kept on spinning. It was like drifting and just trusting your suspension on where the bike would bring you. I just rode and glided with my bike. It is the rainy season so I am expecting more mud, hence we need thicker knobs. After the two spills, (thank God Green zone had nice thick plants around) I decided that it was time for new tires. Dirty Harry needs new bite. It needs that grip when the mud is this persistent.

I went home, happy and contented with my Solo Ride. I dropped by the local bike shop, gave Dirty Harry a bike spa, and got a new Maxxis Minnion 2.35. Why 2.35? Because Dirty Harry is a MOUNTAIN bike. Used and abused in the mountain.
Maxxis DH-F
I put my old DH-f at the rear and wore the new one up front. I tried riding it and this is one sticky icky wicky tire! Wooot woot!

Of course, it is not always fun to ride solo. It is just a nice breaker if you always go riding with a group. Try it, Solo is different.


  1. Migvee says:

    Bro! miguel Vea ito from Sports Marketing! You ride pala! We should sked a TV5 ride in Maarat or something 🙂 marami ba from TV5?

    Oh and that Valleybikes cycling cap is awesome. Where can i get one?

    1. giussef says:

      More and more from the Kapatid network are into biking. Let’s organize a bike trip and then let’s hit the trails! ye!

      1. Migvee says:

        Kilala ko lang isa pa si Jay. Kaso hindi nag te-trail. Let’s sked that Kapatid ride soon!

  2. Wayne says:

    Can you please tell me what size Dirty Harry you have and how tall you are?

    1. giussef says:

      Dirty Harry is size 18 and I am 6 feet and one inch.