August 11, 2014 Comments Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Rider Maintenance

Riders need maintenance too. Just like your beloved bike, riders need weekly maintenance in order to keep up with other riders who do their maintenance religiously.
Other folks my age would have to resort to maintenance drugs to keep their blood pressure regular, or check on their cholesterol. Other pills are for gout, or whatever they are watching out for. My maintenance drug is the thrill of trail riding.

“pedaling up, coasting down fast, playing with your bike as it rolls around the ascents and descents of the trail…
only a mountain biker knows the feeling.”


It was the usual Sunday bike fun with the Mountain Goats and we rode with #Dirtybreakfast plus some folks from GMA news. We zoomed through the La Mesa trails. It was so fun. Condition was nice and ridable. No rain the past few days so the trail was packed. Everybody had a good time, minus some parts of the trail where a tree had fallen over making it impassable.
The vibe in La Mesa is always OK and alright.




It’s simple, everything needs regularity.
make mountainbiking a habit… it’s one drug that’s easy to get high on.20140810_083011