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Ride The Blue Zone This June

After a six week break from Timberland, the Mountain Goats saddled up once again and rode the Blue Zone of Timberland, Mt. Maarat.

A bike buddy told us to try out the existing track from the recently concluded race (Camelback Podium Race 2017) so we bombed the Blue Zone and got lost in the network of trails there. We just trusted our instincts and rode aimlessly into the woods.

We met some Y’s on the trail and just followed our directional skills hoping that the trail signs and closed areas would lead us to the “race track”.

We arrived at the man made enduro zigzag track with jumps, and berms made for awesome full suspension toys. We bombed the trail and had a blast in the track. It had drops, jumps and all kinds of challenges which enduro MTB riders enjoy. It was like experiencing a new ride in an old amusement park. Cheers to the trail builders of Maarat, hopefully, the trails are groomed and maintained, so we can enjoy a lot of riding time inside Timberland.

Blue blue … blue zone

Super fun trails: there is a new section which you can ride if the trail blocks hold. We just followed the flow of the Blue zone and arrived there. I cannot imagine how to explain it in writing.

“Just ride there and if you are deserving, Maarat will show it to you…” 

An old classmate saw me in the trails and called our group “halimaw” because we ride hardcore. Little does he know that we are not super excellent in riding… we are just old bicycle riders who enjoy nature and the flow. We just have been doing this for so long, that we know when to stop, how to pace our ride, and when to go extreme. We stop at fabulous shades by the trail (with a breath taking view). We stop and chat with each other when we are tired. Once we got our wind back, we shall ride again. Our pace is not race pace, it is mountain-bike-enjoy-nature-pace.

Titos of Maarat

Slow and Sure

Better to ride slow and sure, than to be fast and injured.




How to highlight a Maarat ride? A rewarding meal: LIEMPOSILOG- 70 Philippine pesos

Blue blue blue trees

How else can we conclude each ride?

Say bye to your ride buddy and say, “Nice ride, bro!”



We found this on the entrance of Blue Zone Timberland:

bragging rights