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November 12, 2018 Comments (0) Bike Trials, Blog Posts, Slider

Ride Batulao– Trails There Are Wow!

Valleybikes was invited to the launch of the Batulao Artscapes– The World’s First Livable Art Park.  We loaded our mountain bikes in my friend’s Sport Utility Vehicle and headed south towards Nasugbu, Batangas to experience what Batulao has to offer. 

Just like the other residential projects of big time developers, Batulao banked on the bikers around the country to spread the word on the new developments around the area. The developers hired trail makers (from Timberland/ Blue Zone) to manicure the rugged backyard of the development and make it trail worthy. 

The trail developers wasted no time in making the idle land a mountain biker’s playground. There are about 5 kilometers of fun single track, berms, drops, wood planks and surprises to keep the mountain bikers happy and contented. Sir Edmund and Jason built this track with one thing on mind: Mountain Biker Fun!

Not your Ordinary Trail

What are the ingredients of a fun trail? One, it should be easy enough to conquer. 

Two: There should be an equal amount of uphill and downhill. 

Three: Abundant foliage of trees and shade. It’s always refreshing to rest under a tree. 

Four: Hassle free and worry free parking for visitors. 

Five: Right amount of obstacles and challenges yet there are options for the not-so-brave.

I felt like I was in La Mesa Ecopark due to the manicured single track and lush greeneries and on the latter part of the trail, it suddenly transforms into “basecamp feels” in Pintong Bokawe in Rizal. It has the perfect trail magic which I think all mountain bikers would appreciate. 

We shot some footage for the review of the La Pierre Edge (care of Herr Direktor Neil Simbajon. Here are some images:

Man made planks make any trail better because you are assured that you can shred your pedal and still make a perfect roll in that terrain.

Here’s how to go to the Batulao trails:

If you are looking for an awesome good time somewhere south— Batulao in Nasugbu Batangas is the place to ride!

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