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Tour Row Route of the Fireflies 2015

Drop and Roll by Danny Macaskill

November 20, 2015 Comments (0) Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Blue Blue… Rides Like Blue

The Revised Blue Trail at Mt. Maarat
We recently saw a post from Gica, a very competitive, young mountain biker lass that there is a new trail at the Blue Zone at Timberland Mt. Maarat. We gathered the Mountain Goats and made it up to Timberland to check out the new trail. We looked for Jason, the resident trail builder and source for new tracks in his bar-B-que stand to inquire where the new Blue trail is. But alas, Jason was in another trail so we couldn’t ask him where the new track is. We patiently waited for him until we saw a group of bikers coming out of the Blue Zone.

new trail at the Blue Zone

new trail at the Blue Zone

Blue Blue… Rides Like Blue
We chatted with the All Mountain riders and fished on where the new trail was. They told us that they’ll go at it again and we can come to discover the newly built trail. The Mountain Goats were all excited and we geared up for the new trail experience.
We entered the usual path going inside blue, but this time taking the the old route on the left. If you take the path on your right, that is the extended Blue Zone made for the former races there. We traveled left and passed by the comfortable Blue Zone we used to bomb back in the days. The new trail begins when you reach the plateau overlooking the view on your left.
Take the LEFT path going downhill and its all good from there. The trail ends in the nursery/back road that ascends up to the bar-B-que stand of Jason.
It is a fun trail with lots of surprises and challenges. Since it is new, the trail is still not yet too packed and the soil is loose because the trail makers are still doing it as of blog time. The trail really should be off camber so the water can flow nicely when it rains.
If there is one thing we are particular about is: the berms. Making berms is an art. It should be “flowy” enough to be ridden and sturdy enough to be bombed at high speed. I believe berms make the trails much more fun to ride because you can go at high speed on turns and maximize the mountain bike ride. Depends on your skill level, there are a number of attacks when it comes to berms. I personally ride my front tire on the apex of the berm and control the braking of my bike so that I can clear the turn. Sometimes I overshoot yet sometimes my rear wheel manage to put it self into place so that when I pedal for power, there is torque on the rear.
Here is a video on how to ride berms by Global Mountain Bike Network:

Ride Hard!
Mountain Goats resting at the iconic Aling Tina's

Mountain Goats resting at the iconic Aling Tina’s

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