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Revised BaseKamp 2016

Revised Baskekamp 2016
The Basekamp mountain bike trail has been revised for more riding fun. Additional berms, twists and turns have been added to make the flow more enjoyable. There is a cross country line and DH/Enduro line which you can choose to ride. I must say: Kudos to the trail builders, led by Jason (main man in the bar-b-que stop at Basic) for making a well designed flowy trail. The track maximized the whole area/ property of BaseKamp.

basekamp revised

awesome red soil of Mt. Maarat

The berms at the trails are just right for a certain speed and you can easily bomb through the track with ease knowing that the turns and lines are well manicured.
For the jumps and drops, there are receivers so the riders can flow through the obstacles with ease. Warning: if you are planning to hit the jumps and drops, wear protective gear. It is nice to look at in the MTB videos, but if your skill level is not that high when it comes to challenges like that, you better think twice and practice on easier stuff first.
There is even a pump track for the BMX and dirt jumpers. It is awesome that there is such an area where jump boys can practice their airtime skills.
Going to Basekamp
You can take Marcos highway and just go straight up and turn left at Boso-boso. Follow the Sapinit road and you can ask directions on the local folk. Just ask them if this is the way towards BaseKamp.
You can also pass through Timberland estates and go through the basic trail inside San Mateo. It is a long road but it is scenic and it is a test of your mountain riding skills.  On our way to Basekamp, we stumbled upon a small blue bird in the middle of the road. We stopped and picked it up. We took pictures and set it free in the bushes.
basekamp revised

according to the Birdman of Dos: Palawan Blue Flycatcher

basekamp revised

yellow breast

basekamp revised


When we reached Basekamp, we had to log in and sign at logbook of the guard on duty. There was no fee and the staff in the little store were friendly. The vibe was all good and we hit the trail.
basekamp revised

view from the top

basekamp revised

XC course mapped in Strava: total of 3.5k

base kamp revised

rest stop at the top

base kamp revised

base kamp

The Basekamp trail is a trail which you can train on and be good at. Bomb the track around 3 times in a day and you’re all set for a good race.  The down sections are awesome, and the climbs are just apt. This trail is true test of MTB skill.

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