August 7, 2013 Comments Blog Posts

Rain Brain


On my way to work, a sudden rain shower fell down. With all the gadgets in my bag, I decided to find shelter under a sari-sari store. I let it pour down and waited a few minutes, seeing that the sky is not that dark nor heavy with rain. As I waited in front of the store, I saw a fellow biker also on a time out. Judging from his looks, I believe he is a bill dispatcher or some sort. He’s got lots of paper that cannot be wet, so his predicament.

Wet roads mean lots of splash on my back. So I took out my magic bandana and tied it on my back belt loop to catch all the water splash that shall dirty the bum of my shorts. You should adjust the length of the bandana so that the tip of the bandana is just right, meaning it won’t be stuck on the spinning wheel.

bandana mud guard

The front fender of my Marzocchi worked excellently and I did not get a single drop coming from my front tire. This Acerbis front fender is a wonder and I am thankful that my fork comes with after market parts for the rainy season. (Acerbis makes plastic guards and fenders for Marzocchi— made in Italy)

acerbis mud guard

acerbis fender