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March 25, 2019 Comments (0) Reviews

Putting The Fang Into Good Use— The Knog Multi Tool Test

A many-toothed piece of kit that fits right in your pocket,

Honestly, I wasn’t too hot on the idea of testing out a bike-specific multi-tool when my mate from Valleybikes first approached me about it. The first thought that came to mind was that of a ubiquitous Swiss brand whose status in pop culture was forever cemented by the 80’s TV show “MacGyver”. Seen that, used that.

But upon seeing the Fang Multi-Tool, it was love at first bite.

What’s not to love? The brainchild of Melbourne-based design company Knog, who traces its urban-themed creations to its cycling heritage, the Fang is a testament to its progressive philosophy of applying the “urban” ethos to everyday life thru its products.

With the Fang, they made sure you’d notice from the design alone. But fear not; despite its “futuristic” appearance, the Fang is surprisingly simple to operate. So, come and have a closer look. Promise, it won’t bite.


Before operating, you’d be best off reading the instruction diagram at the back panel of the box, clearly pointing out the various components & functions of the tool (very handy, Manny).

The back is a good place to start.

Still not clear? Never fear: there’s a more detailed illustrated manual inside the box.

Manual for Man: Easy to Understand

The manual is well laid out and easy to understand, so it won’t put too much stress on your noggin. Good on ya, Knog!


Speaking of the manual, this is where the tool really opens up its many uses intended for cycling & general outdoor activities.

A quick browse revealed: 4 sizes of hex wrenches, various sizes of wrenches, a metric ruler & tire levers.

As if it weren’t enough, the kind folks at Knog even threw in a bottle opener (for that end-of-ride round of beers with your mates)!

Pop up the bubbly, mate: Handy bottle opener for the thirsty traveler


But for me, the real genius lies in the way Knog made all of these functions fit in your pocket, literally. They did this by designing a series of ingenious storage compartments for the hex wrenches & heads.

Aussie ingenuity: Tire levers act as smart storage for hex heads

And with the use of magnets, the whole thing now collapses into one nifty-looking piece of gear that fits right in your pocket!

Simply insert the lugs, align the two tire levers…

… and off you go!

So the next time you head out on the trail or on the road, be sure to bring the Fang along. It’s one tool that won’t make you look like a tool using it.

The Knog FANG is available at Dan’s Bike shop—
Dan’s Makati W13A La Fuerza Plaza Compound 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue Makati City, Philippines 1231. Tel: +632 894 5110

*Macky, the biker dude who reviewed the Fang is no tool. He is a professional bassist who just likes playing with tools. He rides a full suspension MTB and a steel gravel bike.

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