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March 3, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Push to Ascend

When ascending long cruel climbs, the granny is your best friend. Here is a paradoy of the old show, Eumorpho Lakas Tao.
If you are tired, rest. When you get your wind back, try riding again. If you push your bike, some biker might mistake you for having bike problems and literally help you out.
When climbing the long haul, I do the Zen, and concentrate.
You should achieve the perfect circle of pedaling your crank, then try to imagine it as a motion which your leg should follow. When you get the ball of it, try lifting your knee up to your chest. The force of the leg is not downward anymore, it is a lifting sensation, which works a different muscle group.
You can do this even if you are using ordinary pedals. The pedals does not matter, as long as you get the round of the crank…
Then climbing will be your best friend.
“Easy is climbing up.” -Yoda

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