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Pure Ass by WTB- Saddle Testimonial

In my years of building bicycles, one of the more important pieces I give special attention to is the saddle. Most in contact parts of the bicycle with the human are: Saddle, grips and pedals. Now choosing a saddle is not just what is available in the bike shop. You have to look for your bike saddle because that seat would dictate a lot on your whole riding experience. —-WTB Pure saddle testimonial —

There are numerous bike saddle brands out there. One of the few which emerged during the booming years of mountain bike is the Wilderness Trail Bikes brand. I tried other saddles but I always come back to WTB for my ass. 


Bang for the buck– There are cheap saddles but the comfort and the durability is not that good. So I’d rather have quality and stability than anything else. If you compute the amount with the number of years it will last you, trust me, WTB is the most practical saddle for your mountain butt.

Comfortable– new saddles have this soft squishy feeling when they are new. You would really be grateful that you paid for “premium comfort” no matter what model. Trust me, the more expensive ones have the same comfort as the mid range price ones.

Tradition– WTB owners are riders who have the heart of a biker. Their rich advocacy for cycling is heart warming and effective. Check out their advocacy: https://www.wtb.com/pages/advocacy

Range of sizes and widths– Fat ass? Thin ass? Bony? WTB has got a model for you. Proper choices, my friend. Big chunk in succeeding in life is making the RIGHT decisions. That includes choosing the right saddle model for your gluteus maximus. You dig?


You can find WTB saddles anywhere. We have a local distributor here, according to wtb.com. On-line selling sites charge around 2,000 plus Philippine Peso, but you can actually get it at around 1,200 Php. The price varies really, depends on where you purchase the saddle. I got mine at Glorious Ride Bicycle Warehouse in Kamias, Quezon City. Ask for a discount, tell ’em Valleybikes said so. (wink wink)

Need to Change

“But my saddle still works fine.”

Yep. Mine too. But in these small changes (minimal spending), make us more excited to ride again and rekindle our relationship with our beloved bike. Changing small details in the bike would make you more stoked to ride in the weekend and put joy in our hearts. That drive to go out and pedal would be more tasty when we have something new in our “weapon”. Give away your old saddle to a stranger who has a beaten up saddle (good deed for you— that would return tenfold!), and you shall instantly feel blessed. Just change- for the better.

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