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President Noynoy Aquino saddles up!


Manila (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) – Philippine President Aquino received a bicycle as a gift this Yuletide season, a source close to the Chief Executive told Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The source, who asked not to be named because he wasn’t authorized to speak about the President’s activities, said Aquino received the gift at his official residence in Bahay Pangarap.

He, however, wouldn’t say who gave the President his new bike.

Taking up biking is one of Aquino’s New Year’s resolutions.

The Presidential Security Group will face no problems when the President takes up biking as a regular exercise regimen.

Col. Ramon Dizon, chief of the Presidential Security Group, indicated that PSG members were ready to pedal along while securing the Chief Executive’s bicycle path.

“We have a biking club,” Dizon said in a telephone interview.

Dizon would not divulge where exactly Aquino planned to go biking but mentioned that the secure PSG grounds in Malaca´┐Żang would be huge enough for the workout.

“The PSG compound is rather big,” Dizon said.

Aquino, 50, and whose known sport is practical shooting, told reporters on Rizal Day that he wanted to take up biking in 2011.

“I hope we can still do more than what we have been doing. I hope we can have that strength to do so. To that extent, we will have a regular exercise regimen. I’m taking up biking,” the President said in an interview near Dr. Jose Rizal’s monument at Luneta Park.

President Aquino made the promise after leading the flag-raising and wreath-laying rites to commemorate the 114th death anniversary of the national hero.